Les Nubians!

I was honored to be involved as a songwriter and to provide some backing vocals on the last Les Nubians album, Nu Revolution.  The experiences I shared with them during the creation of the music were amazing.  I got to perform with them briefly when they were in Detroit after the release of Nu Revolution and that took things to a different level.  

So, when I heard that they were coming back to town for a special event (Chris Campbell's 200th Progressive Underground show on WDET), I was beyond excited!  The girls were coming for the show and also to send some days - yes DAYS - in the studio working with Pirahnahead and me on their new album.  They loved the production work Pirahna put in on the last album and were very happy with the songs we wrote together.  Before they even came back to the city they decided that their new album would be recorded - almost in its entirety - in Detroit and with us.  Phenomenal!  

Besides working with them for multiple days in the studio, they also asked that I provide background vocals for them during their performance.

Needless to say, the days we spent together were magical.  I loved them anyway - both Helene and Celia are fantastic women in their own right.  But to spend time with them and share their energy this time was an unforgettable gift. 

Stay  tuned for more updates!  Les Nubians will be back to continue working in just a couple of weeks!

Visit the Les Nubians official website here - Les Nubians.  And you can check out the Nu Revolution album here - Nu Revolution.